Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a professional athlete. Why do I need a coach?
This is a common question and one you must answer yourself, but here are some ideas you should think through.  A coach should provide a structured and well thought-out plan with a personalized level of service, depending on your needs. The ability to design an annual training plan or full year of your training sessions, and the ability to make changes to your program as needed is key.  He or she should have the knowledge to assist with your form and technique, and provide guidance in order to make the necessary adjustments along the way.

You are paying for his or her time, knowledge, experience and support, amongst other things. Many athletes choose a coach as they want to be held accountable for their training and racing.  Other athletes need to be told what NOT to do!  Your coach should have the style and personality that fits you and your lifestyle as well. A good coach has the ability to help you establish, revise, revisit and reach your goals. Providing open and honest feedback is key, as is being a great communicator who is motivating.

How much communication and guidance do you need? Will your weekly work or personal schedule change frequently? Think about what you feel you need and talk to several coaches. Then, talk to athletes who are or were coached by them.

Why do I need to track my training sessions, insert notes, and upload the training data files?
The more information your coach has, the better feedback he or she can provide. Because your coach will likely not be present at each of your training sessions, the data and notes help to paint a picture of how your session went, how you felt, the nutrition you consumed, and if you accomplished what was intended. Done on a regular basis, this information can greatly assist your coach in building a solid training plan.
Can I be part of another training club or team and be coached by you?
Absolutely! We work with athletes who like to train and race with many different groups and welcome all.
Can I join the Peak Racing Team and NOT be coached by you?
Without a doubt. We are also a USAT Official Club, so after your annual dues of $100 are paid, you get your official Peak Racing Team technical shirt, discounts with our partners, and the access to our training and social events. Learn more and join
I don’t live in the Atlanta, GA area. Can you still coach me?
We can. With devices like Garmin, software such as Training Peaks, and your computer and smart phone, we can successfully work well together. Much of the coaching will be conducted online and via email, but I like “check in” calls as well to connect with athletes I coach, guide and mentor.
What kind of equipment do I need?
At minimum, you will need goggles for swimming, a bike that fits you, a helmet, and a good pair of running shoes. There are other items I recommend, and they can be discussed as needed.
Do you have group training sessions or team events?
We do. The Peak Racing Team likes to train and race together, and plan to do it as frequently as our schedules allow. We like to open water swim (OWS), go on group rides, and do some long runs together throughout the year. Check out some of our group racing, training and social event photos.
How do I get started?
Call us or send an email to