Read What Peak Athlete’s Are Saying

Sometimes the best proof is what others say about it. See below for a few of the comments made by our varied athletes.


As a new member of Peak Racing I have only been working with Tony for a month but in this short time I have come away with some valuable lessons like the difference between exercise and training, managing a busy work and training schedule and finding balance with family and other commitments while still move towards important endurance goals I set. He is has helped me sort thru my racing plan, developed my zones and pacing and set me up for success later this year. I am a huge fan of the team concept and he seems to be everywhere supporting his athletes. I thought long and hard and looked at more than a few coaches before hiring Tony and I am convinced I made the right choice!
– Alfonso A.

Coach Josh is a multifaceted professional. He brings real life experience to the realm of coaching. “He’s been there, he’s done that”, plays an important part in his ability to help his athletes meet and exceed their goals. Add his education, desire, and tenacity to know all there is to know, Josh has quickly become a coach in demand. He is a flexible coach and understands the tediousness of finding quality training time in the midst of professional and family life. And, most importantly, when the times get tough, Josh has a way of finding ways around your mental and physical obstacles to keep you on your path. I’ve had an amazing two years filled with personal records, podiums, and achievements beyond my expectations.
– Rick R.


Before I took Tony on as my coach, my training was ugly, and my races mirrored that. Tony pulled out whatever innate talent was buried inside and took me from painful finishes and chasing the podium, to powerful final kicks and a few top spots. I’m now competing at a level I only used to gaze up at from below, and through his unique mix of coaching and mentorship, I continue to improve.”
– Joshua S.

I started with Tony in 2011 after deciding to undertake my first 70.3 race in my first year of triathlon. I did my first Ironman a year later. And I couldn’t have done any of it without Tony. Looking back, not once did he point out the obvious – that it was a little crazy to do all this so early in my triathlon career – or try to dissuade me. He simply did everything in his power to get me ready to tackle both. I had my fair share of injuries along the way but in large part because of Tony I’ve overcome each of them. At times I think he understands my body more than I do. He knows when to push even when I think I can’t do anymore and when to hold me back when I’ve bullishly tried to train through injury. Tony exudes patience and understanding. He gets that we need to work triathlon into our lives, not the other way around. I love that he cares about all aspects of my life, not just the training. Tony gets that everything fits together like a puzzle and by only focusing on one aspect, you would miss the big picture. He focuses on the individual and not only customizes the workouts with that in mind, but also the way he communicates. He always knows exactly what to say to motivate and inspire. And while Tony is a phenomenal coach, he’s an even better person. He’s become a friend. He’s been at each of my major races cheering me on and was there the morning of my first IM to talk me through my anxiety. More than anything, I trust Tony. Even when I don’t understand the method behind the madness, I trust that I am going to come out on the other side faster, stronger and more prepared than ever to tackle my next race.
– Amanda P.